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revnrex - n/a
27-Nov-07, 03:25 PM
Hey new to hovercrafting, used to have a 12 foot airboat powered by a Continental 150 4 cylinder. I just recently acquired an 1986 Hovertechnics HoverStar LC with a blown Yamaha PE485. I dont plan on using the motor because it is in horrible shape internally as well as externally. I was wondering if any of you guys have known anyone with a VW powered craft as I am looking to use either a 1600 Dual Port or Im going to rape my RX-7 for its 12A Rotary. Anyway I appreciate this forum already, the only one we have in the US worth anything requires you join a club and pay a membership. Thanks ahead of time!

Hovertrekker - n/a
27-Nov-07, 04:01 PM
Gee, I can't imagine the benefit you'd get from joining the hoverclub of America http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_razz.gif Bi-monthly magazine, web site, discussion forum, downloadable documents, advice from many hovercraft experts, regional group membership, cruises, race events and multiple large gatherings of hovercrafts, the opportunity to make lasting friendships with hovercraft enthusiast across the entire nation, the opportunity to serve in leadership positions of an awesome organization.

BTW - I don't recommend the engines you're looking at for your Hovetechnics. They're too heavy for a craft that small. Airboats are nothing like hovercraft when it comes to powerplant selection.

I highly recommend you join the Hovercraft cub of America. Consider this an invitation.

revnrex - n/a
28-Nov-07, 08:52 PM
Im not against joining and the benefits do sound great. My thing is I have just acquired a hovercraft with no title, not sure of the last owner and I am one of the only people in my town who actually "Owns" a hovercraft. Im not too sure I want to even get into this full speed ahead and when I go to search for anything on Hovercrafts the only info I could get on them without paying someone is from across the pond. It was just a bit annoying to me but by no means am I knocking the US club at all.

I appreciate the response about these motors, I am looking to power this thing cheaply basically. The PE485 that was on it could have been a great powerplant but the chap who had this thing didnt seem too keen on keeping it covered so the motor has pretty much started to dissolve. Apparently the back cylinder had a bit of a lean condition as well because I can see the rings from the top of the cylinder.

I have also thrown around the idea of using a Sea Doo/Bombardier motor from a jet ski as I see them to be very similar in design to the aviation style Rotax motor. Most obvious differences being water cooled and single CDI instead of multi. Any thought? I have a 650 CC Rotax readily available that as ignition problems but the block had been recently refreshed prior to that. Any thoughts? Thanks ahead of time for your opinions!

Paul Fitz - n/a
28-Nov-07, 11:42 PM
Hello Shawn,

It *is* a great shame that the HCA insist on charging for full access to their forum. I believe that there are many hovercraft enthusiasts in Europe and elsewhere who could make a positive contribution to discussions on that forum. most of them will not pay because they get only a few of the benefits listed by Dave.

Fortunately viewing the forums is free, so you can at least read what others have to say.

Alternatively you can look at the newsgroup 'alt.rec.hovercraft'. This can be reached via Google but is better accessed using a newsreader program such as "Forte Agent".

This is mainly American enthusiasts but with others contributing from time to time. A good place to ask questions.

In addition there are some hovercraft groups on Yahoo.

Superwedge - n/a
29-Nov-07, 08:41 AM
This yahoo group is basically US based with plenty of info on your Hover available...



Hovertrekker - n/a
29-Nov-07, 01:11 PM
Hi Shawn,

I understand your situation. Most of us start off that way too, but the HCA could be your very best resource to help you decide if you want to go further with restoring your hover to full working condition or not. I see the $40 anual membership as a half a tank of gas. It's literally nothing! I'm also a member of the HCGB mainly for the monthly magazine, but then I'm a hard core hover enthusiast. Where in the US are you located? I can let you know of any planned hovercraft events in your area. The Hovertechnics factory is not far from me. Have you tried contacting them for a bit of advice? I have several friends in the HCA that own Hovetechnics craft. They're always happy to talk to new owners.

Why not rebuild the Yamaha? Rebuilding 2 stroke engines is a peice of cake and not very expensive. Snowmobile 2 strokes like Rotax, Yamaha, Polaris, Articat, are ideal for hovercraft, but I'm not so sure about a Rotax engine from a Sea-Doo, as I've never seen one in a hovercraft. (I'm not knocking 4-strokes so no flames please).

Alt.rec.hovercraft used to be a good resource but it's been overtaken by the "MI5 persecution" looney, so I've stopped reading that. Hoverlovers is popular too.

When I first got involved in this sport, the best thing I ever did was attend a large gathering of hovercraft and find out what it was all about. (That happened to be the 2002 World hovercraft championships in Terre Haute).

jon_curtis - n/a
29-Nov-07, 07:02 PM
the question, regards a sea/doo engine, is does it use the sea water to cool the engine? if so i doubt you would effectively cool the engine with a radiator!

dont know much about these things but i can imagine the jet pump would in some way drive cooling water through the engine??

revnrex - n/a
30-Nov-07, 12:04 AM
The Sea Doo motors are cooled by sea-water so I dont know if I would be able to cool it enough while turning the RPMS I want to.

The Yamaha engine that we have is pretty shot, lot of galled bolts and broken studs from disassembley. Its pretty disappointing just looking at the piece of s#!t.

Im gonna check out the Yahoo forums and see which way I wanna go, one of the guys on here has PMed me a few times and says he has had good success running a ZX-6 motor so I may look for a trashed out motorcycle. Thanks for the help so far this site is great!

Bill Baker - n/a
30-Nov-07, 10:09 AM
Hi Guys,

I have some knowledge of the Hoverstar but firstly take on board the comments with regard to joining the club you will get two types of member those that know what they are doing and those that think they know what they are doing, they / we / I are all nuts and it will take a little while before you can sort the wheat from the chaff with regard's advice to your specific craft.

Not wishing to do more than begin your education look on

www.bbvhovercraft.co.uk under the history icon and it will try to give you an insight into the thinking behind the design of your craft.

Light weight is more important than power, as is efficiency so for a given sized duct there is a maximum Hp capability e. g. your 900mm (36") is efficient up to 50 Hp after that you will be on diminishing returns so it makes sence to use a lighter weight lesser powered motor (Rotax 503) than a Subaru for example

BUT if fuel economy is the quest maybe the 35Hp Briggs + a 12Hp lift motor is worth considering BUT this is a total re build and I am sure is not what you want at this stage in your ownership.

Bill Baker

kach22i - n/a
7-Dec-07, 05:46 PM
Light weight is more important than power, as is efficiency

Very well said.

revnrex - n/a
8-Dec-07, 11:15 PM
Well I found a 900cc four stroke inline four Jap engine but I am thinking the weight is gonna be a little too much. The guy only wants 100 US dollars for it but I dont think its gonna work out. I will keep you guys updated as this project goes on. Thanks for the support so far!