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truckersnuts - n/a
6-Dec-07, 03:47 AM
Hi everybody this is my first post on this forum.

I am thinking of building a small cruising craft. I'm not into racing because I like to take life at a much slower pace.

I am planing to custom build my own cruising craft to my own spec.

I do need to keep it small because I want to build it in my garage. I only have a single garage so space is limited.

I am planing to build the craft based on the small eagle 1 but with alot of small changes. The reason for the eagle 1 is to keep things fairly small.

I defiantly will NOT! be using a rubbish 250cc two stroke engine but will opt for a much higher quality 4 stroke.

But the big question.

Will a craft the size of the eagle 1 be suitable for a slow steady cruising craft? If i build any bigger I will not be able to store it.

Advise please.

jar2 - n/a
6-Dec-07, 08:49 AM

I'm not sure the Eagle 1 is the right craft for what you want to do. If you intend cruisng on rivers, estuaries and coastal areas then the Eagle doesn't really have enough freeboard for these conditions. Even rivers can get very rough at times (sometimes without much warning!).

If you want something a bit more comfortable (and safer IMO!) then have a look at THIS (members.aol.com/sevtec/sev/SCOUT.html),

I own one and it is an impressive little machine (see link below). It can handle almost all of the conditions my larger craft can, and with a bigger engine fitted, is great fun for two. The seating is comfortable and you don't get continuously sprayed. It will cruise along at 20mph all day using less than 0.5 a gallon per hour. The 21hp engine fitted to mine gives it a top speed of 37mph (no wind, flat water, one adult). It would fit easily into a single garage at 5.5 x 11ft. The larger Vanguard is a better craft if you have room for it (6ft x 14ft). With the same engine, it will carry more payload at a tiny increase in built cost.

Ian Brooks - n/a
6-Dec-07, 06:25 PM

I would stongly advise against the Eagle 1 if you want to cruise! John's suggestion is (in my view) the best small craft to homebuild from scratch, and with the 21hp engine, its a lot of fun to fly, and well proven in UK waters.

The other option for a homebuild project would be to buy a finished hull from one of the manufacturers listed in the links page, and fit it out yourself.

Take a look at the buyers guide for general info on craft types and suitability.

http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/cruising/cruisingcraft/cruising (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/cruising/cruisingcraft/cruisingcraft.html) craft.html



truckersnuts - n/a
7-Dec-07, 07:05 AM
Hi again.

Interesting stuff.

I must admit that was one of my most Major changes to the design of the eagle. The free board problem. I was only going to use the basic hull design from the top of the skirt and below. To get the hull design correct. especially in regards to air flow etc.

All the rest was going to be my own design. quite alot of free board to start with.

The reason why I chose the eagle 1 is because it has a rounded front rather than a square shape.

I wouldn't feel safe going out on just a plank of wood.