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truckersnuts - n/a
9-Dec-07, 02:39 AM
A simple question.

Has anybody or heard of anybody building a massive model replica of the full sized craft. IE SRN4 the cross channel hover craft or even the AP188 that crosses over to the isle of weight.

Not to mention the other hundreds of models out there?

Now when i mean a massive model I dont mean 1 meter long. I mean huge 1/4th sale or lower.

A model that could be up to 10 feet long+ Powered by model gas turbine engines (Real Jet engines) or similar? A model that needs a car trailer to carry it to shows.

you get my drift.

Whats your thoughts on somebody building an amazing model like this?

Hornet - n/a
9-Dec-07, 03:46 AM
Check out www.rc-hovercrafts.com or rc-hovercraft.co.uk

There are some rc models of the SRN4 etc on this site.

jon_curtis - n/a
9-Dec-07, 10:09 AM
i dont get why someone would want to build a model of the size your talking about!

just build one you can fly around in?

Neil Medcalf - n/a
10-Dec-07, 12:11 AM
Check out the library for Janes Surface Skimmers or the older Janes Hydrofoils and Hovercraft. A lot of the early craft were tested as free flight models. The Jeff B (for-runner of the LCAC) was one along with a manned model of the VT1. Your basicaly designing a full size hover not a model. Good luck I've often thought a Scale single seat SRN6 would be cool. Unpratical but cool...

Neil Medcalf

kach22i - n/a
11-Dec-07, 06:09 PM
This has been Posted before (for ref):

Hovercraft model in tow tank video, second to the bottom item on this page:

ACV Model Seakeeping test video

http://www.foils.org/mtgpapers.htm (www.foils.org/mtgpapers.htm)

The two inches equals one foot scale mentioned in a boatdesign.net thread would make a 50 foot long craft a 100 inch long model, right? That's 8'-4" model, large enough to ride on. A 60 foot craft would end up as a 10 foot long model which is as large as my old Scat.

Therefore the LCAC model in the pool representing a 88 foot long craft should be 176 inches or 14'-8" long.............I was guessing it looked 15 feet long, so it looks spot on to me.

2/12 = 6

1/6 scale

I seem to recall a rather large SRN-4 model with a person at the helm, and also the French SEDAM N500 Naviplane scale model with person on board.

I suppose this would work for metric conversions as well, right?