View Full Version : Hovercraft for KIDs - help needed.

bufo - n/a
9-Dec-07, 11:09 AM
Hi guys and girls after long time...

I need small advice.

I am making one smaller hovercraft pod for my kids (5 and 7 year old)

Dimension of hovercraft is about 160 cm long, and about 100 cm wide.

Size of duct is about 510 mm dia.

Now I need to decide on engine, and I do not have experience with smaller engines. I am thinking of power of 3 - 10 HP - 2 stroke engine, but I am not sure what would be best.

If anyone has experience with smaller engines any advice would be velcome.


truckersnuts - n/a
13-Dec-07, 06:50 AM

What you want is a model plane engine for a prop that size.

I guess that its going to be a model?

either pop into your local model shop and in the meantime have a look on here at all the engines and props.


bufo - n/a
13-Dec-07, 07:16 AM
Thnks for advice, but I hovercraft I make for my kids is real hovercraft, that must carry real KID,and I am not sure if power of model airplane engine will do it...

I will post fotos very soon, just to finish the laminating...

Don83000 - n/a
13-Dec-07, 10:08 AM
http://www.osengines.com/engines/osmg0660.html (www.osengines.com/engines/osmg0660.html)

There are others with more power like OPS / Super Tiger or you have the recoil start Mathe at around 6bhp upwards http://www.matheengines.com/ (www.matheengines.com/)

http://www.zenoah.com/ (www.zenoah.com/)

The Zenoah is a common engine used in strimmers and some chain saws.

kevinf - n/a
13-Dec-07, 07:39 PM
I'm planning on building a cut-down craft for my daughter for when she reaches 11. Not quite so small as the one you are planning/building. I'm going to use the Rotax FR125 kart engine, it comes in three power outputs; 10kW, 15kW and 21kW, it's a 125cc single cylinder 2 stroke with electric start - an absolute jewel of an engine. Try here http://www.jag-rotax.com/ (www.jag-rotax.com/) for information. There are plenty of other kart based options too, all easy to get hold of and easy to get spares for.

The other options would be lawnmower engines, 2 or 4 stroke - companies like Briggs or Honda do a whole range in the 5-8HP output size, some even have electric start. I recently gave away a 100cc Tecumseh 2 stroke - about 5HP at 3650 RPM. The nice thing about lawnmower engines is that they are complete packages and they tend to run at relatively low (and therefore more sociable) revs, and seem to last for ever.

Good luck with the build - I would love to see the pictures when you've finished.


bufo - n/a
15-Dec-07, 05:48 PM
Here it is...


Image shows model (not a real hovercraft yet), before constructing a mould.

More fotos of model, and constructing hovercraft mould at direct link at http://www.bufocraft.net/HCGB/hovercraft-kids/hovercraft-kid (www.bufocraft.net/HCGB/hovercraft-kids/hovercraft-kids.html) s.html(I manage to prepare about 10 fotos of model and new mould for kid craft

About anwsers...

I know about the engine and power and rotaio, manufacturers also... Thanks for help, realy... what I do not know, and look advice for is... how strong engine you guys recomand, and what maximum turns of impeller per minute would be best...?

Hovercraft KIDs is designed to perform well - good stability and designed not to go too fast, that is the reason duct is in half flat position, to destroy some of thrust power... for 5 year kid, I think hovercraft should not be to fast.

I already ordered long distance (150 meter) remote control killer engine swithc for better safety and to stop hovercraft if needed on distance.

Next week I will modelate bottom of craft than first one will be done, and decision about engine will have to be taken...

I am thinking of engine with 3,5 HP, 4 stroke of grass cutting mashine to try... it is the enngine I already have on my maschine,... so I think I will try with this motor for the start.

Any better sugestions welcomed!