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Mark - n/a
16-Dec-07, 04:54 PM
could anyone advise me the buoyancy of the following


b:polyethelene (foam sheet)

c:pu foam

regards Mark

Nick Long - n/a
16-Dec-07, 05:08 PM
The buoyancy per unit volume (the weight they will support when submerged in water) is the density of water minus the density of the material.

B = 1 - rho in kg/litre, or 1,000 - rho if you work in kg/cubic metre.

These materials all have density which is low compared with water, so to a reasonable approximation the answer is 1 kg/litre or 1,000 kg/cubic metre for each of them.



jon_curtis - n/a
16-Dec-07, 08:39 PM
it may be worth noteing that polystyrene will soakup water and it will also be effected by petrol! vibration will make it break up! its pants!

polyethylene foam would be one of the best closed cell foams thats not effected by fuel,resin etc etc, for put in bouyancy!plastazote 33kg/m3 is the stuff.

Vortex - n/a
18-Dec-07, 10:04 PM
LD15, is what we at Vortex use, 15kg M3. Keep it in stock if interested