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Modelhovercraft - n/a
27-Dec-07, 05:55 PM
For those who are interested I thought you would like to see the latest photos on the Large Model Hovercraft construction

Here are some photos of the Fuselage taking shape.

Link Below:

http://s252.photobucket.com/albums/hh28/modelhovercraft/?act (http://s252.photobucket.com/albums/hh28/modelhovercraft/?action=view&current=421863ed.pbw) ion=view&current=421863ed.pbw

To update you on the latest progress. The craft had to be made alittle smaller than planned due to problems with transporting it to events and shows. its now 8.5ft x 4.5ft so it fits in a van.

Power wise it is quite possible that the model will be electric powered using massive brushless motors. Why? being electric it can be used anywhere and at any club. alot of clubs do not allow ic and jet powered craft which causes problems.

The only downside to electric is the weight of the battery's.

I will keep you posted on its progress.

tonybroad - n/a
28-Dec-07, 09:46 AM
good on you - best way to silence the ones who mock is just make the thing

keep you eye on the weight throughout it will be your biggest enemy - if you have an old kitchen top you could lay-up single layer sheets of fibreglass to skin it - lightweight, durable and weather resistant in one

good luck


kach22i - n/a
28-Dec-07, 02:32 PM
Wood fame?

I can see a wood frame if covering the body with fabric, but that would only work if you were building a scale model of a SevTec or old UH. Maybe covering the wood frame with an aluminum skin or corrugated/honeycombed plastic is what is planned. What hovercraft is he making again? I see a flat deck and a center well.

I would of thought that sculpting foam would lend the shape and form, and keep it light. Then a thin layer of fiberglass cloth and resin for strength.

My model is half the size of Muffet's, and I'm just using corrugated poster board. The open edges and joints are a problem as well as finding a good glue, but it is pretty strong as it stands now. I'll probably go over it with a water proof metal tape later and add gussets as I go along and as required.

Good luck, prove them wrong!

profqwerty - n/a
28-Dec-07, 05:12 PM
Wood's fine...The Eagle 1 is pine spars and thin ply skin on top. Fibreglassed over the joints.