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Don83000 - n/a
11-Jan-08, 03:16 PM

This is the tach to have on your craft. be it a 2 cycle, 4 cycle, or auto engines. We have one for you. Now offering the resetable tiny tachs and the same price as the nonresettable . $32.95

Check it out he will also combine shipping with prop tape if required Jerry's address is as follows


Vortex - n/a
11-Jan-08, 07:39 PM
Vortex sells the same one for the UK Hover market, by the time you add transport from the States the price is about the same.

hovmart - n/a
12-Jan-08, 09:21 AM

PH: 0044) 7860 323255 Message: 1 342 305114

Contact: Richard Dunn

Email: itco@btopenworld.com

Website: Tinytach UK

you can get them diret from the english agent