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Hoveroz - n/a
13-Jan-08, 08:33 PM
Does anybody know how I can Steve Walsh. He drives (or drove) a F25

based on an Inflatable Dingy.

Vortex - n/a
13-Jan-08, 08:56 PM
Hi there,

Steve is an ex pupil of mine, the craft was built as a university final stage project, The inflatable part was made by Steve and is not based on a dingy. I am sure that he will give you any advice you want

Steve Walsh

E-mail Address(es):

stevewalsh100 at tiscali dot co dot uk

Replace the usual at = @ dot = .


Hoveroz - n/a
14-Jan-08, 06:08 AM
Hi Keith,

Thanks for the information. Much appreciated. Information about homebuilt hovercraft in very thin on the ground in Australia.

Cheers, Mark