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jon_curtis - n/a
19-Jan-08, 09:59 AM
where can i get decent netting for my sevtec from?

jar2 - n/a
19-Jan-08, 10:17 AM
How about www.hucknetting.co.uk (www.hucknetting.co.uk/) in your area?

There are quite a few netting manufacturers around the UK that make either fish net or sports/safety nets. The nicest looking stuff (IMO) is the nylon based knotless type - the most elastic is knotted polypropelene. Personally, I would go for the slightly smaller mesh size - about 35mm - rather than the 50mm for a little extra protection.

Ian Brooks - n/a
19-Jan-08, 05:08 PM
I bought some from here, its a bit expensive but it's online...


You need either 2.3mm cord in 35mmx35mm, or 3mm cord in 45x45mm or 50x50mm.

You should choose black or red, as it is more UV stable.