ecosurveyor - n/a
30-Jan-08, 12:34 PM
HOVER DEMONSTRATION and possible new cruising venue.

I have been asked to look at the possibility of providing a few craft for a demonstration on 24th May 2008 at Clevedon on the Bristol Channel. This is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the reopening of Clevedon Pier.

As currently envisaged we would need to launch either from the town slip which is very hover unfriendly or elsewhere and travel a couple of miles to the Pier, then provide perhaps three ten minute demos off the end of the Pier during the day to fit in with shipping movements and other events. It is likely that Paddle Steamer Waverly and the 'Matthew' replica will be there too and it is possible that there will be other boats about to provide assistance if necessary. There is a place to park up between demonstrations on the town beach and we can provide free camping about 5 miles from the site. As the demo will be in support of the Pier maintenance and restoration we are likely to have the co-operation of the various authorities ( but never guaranteed ). All craft will have to have their own insurance cover and this will not be an officially 'organised' event.

The requirements will be for craft that are fully equipped for costal operation, in particular sufficient buoyancy and reasonable freeboard. The Channel can be a very confused and unfriendly place so still water craft won't be suitable unless the sea is like a millpond - which can happen but is unlikely!

All this will need planning and be entirely dependent on the weather but it could prove to be a very enjoyable expedition with some good PR. It could also provide a feasibility run for future activity on this part of the Channel if we are well received and can find a suitable launch site.

If anyone is interested would they contact me by email at rossfloyd@farvis.co.uk


sixpackpert - n/a
30-Jan-08, 01:01 PM
I am sure Bryan and Ian will be along shortly. http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif

bryan - n/a
30-Jan-08, 06:49 PM
As always give a venue and you will find me there!!If not beaten there by Ian of course!!!!

Ian Brooks - n/a
30-Jan-08, 09:06 PM

I'll need to check dates, and so on, but all being well I a definitely in!



jon_curtis - n/a
31-Jan-08, 05:16 PM
i'm up for joining in, all going well the sev should be finised for april! if not will come along to help out if needed! http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif