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popnoodle - n/a
4-Feb-08, 01:38 PM
this site has been recommended to me by a hoverpod employee as a good place to find out where to buy a hovercraft or a kit for not too much money.

i have some skill and knowledge with tools due to working on aircraft engines but i dont have enough knowledge to do all the mix and matching stuff some of you guys talk about on here.

obviously the cheaper the better but also dont want a pile of rubbish, just want it for playin with on local beach and mates farm.

sixpackpert - n/a
4-Feb-08, 04:04 PM
I think this could be one for the 4-stroke boys.

If you want to use it on a beach quiet and sensible is the key. It may also be worth checking if you're going to get a load of grief by using it on the beach before doing it.

Where abouts in the UK are you?

Oh and welcome aboard http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif

popnoodle - n/a
4-Feb-08, 10:13 PM
im from cardiff, because im a memeber of the penarth watski club i pretty sure i have access to the slipway on penarth beach at any time (just gotta find one of the keys http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_razz.gif)and ive seen many things shooting back and fore aroudn there, but as i also said i know a couple of farmers in the area with reletively flat fields too

and thanks for the welcome http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif

team black - n/a
5-Feb-08, 07:12 AM
Check out the suppliers button on the bar to the left of the main hcgb page to find details of manufacturers

popnoodle - n/a
5-Feb-08, 11:50 AM
yeah ive looked in some of the suppliers on the left,and i either get lost on their site or they selling craft for a few grand.

i know tv isnt always accurate but on top gear they mentioned you can buy kits for a few hundred not a few grand and i was looking more in that direction, seeing as im 19 with an apprenticeship and mates in simular situations so we cant afford a few grand really http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif

sixpackpert - n/a
5-Feb-08, 12:05 PM
Sorry, but you won't get a kit for a few hundred. A set of segments for the skirt can cost a few hundred alone (ready made).

You could buy a set of plans and build one.

You could try to get hold of a second hand one and do it up.

I've only ever built kits, laid up hulls on moulds etc. I have not done a complete home-build from scratch so am not the best person to give advice on that.

i know tv isnt always accurate but on top gear they mentioned you can buy kits for a few hundred

Was it the Top Gear that had 3 craft on it and Jeremy 'dying'? If so one of them was mine http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_biggrin.gif and I can assure that none of the craft on that show are available for a few hundred quid!


The hull of that craft is now a kids sandpit apparently! http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif

Sorry I can't be more help http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_sad.gif

popnoodle - n/a
5-Feb-08, 01:23 PM
yeah it was that one http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif

i just want to find something me and some mates can play with instead of quad bike or summin that can rip up the land.

if we need to we might end up payin 1 or 2 grand but we'd obviously rather not cos not on big wages yet

sixpackpert - n/a
5-Feb-08, 01:38 PM
Honestly dude, save up as much cash as you possibly can. If you just want to have fun then get something that is well built, proven and reliable. Then you'll have hours of fun instead of hours knee deep in spanners! http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif

If you want an engineering challenge then you could re-engineer an existing (broken) craft or you could build from a set of plans.

Keep an eye out for cruises in the Cruising Forum ( http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_rolleyes.gif ). There are often people on the Severn, come and have a look at some craft, get some ideas what sort of craft you want.

Keep popping back here and see if there is anything for sale. Keep checking on ebay, if you see something on there then post a link to it on here and I'm sure someone would let you know if its worth bidding on.

Anyone else got any suggestions?

Any hoo, back to work now!

jar2 - n/a
5-Feb-08, 02:38 PM
I think Jon has covered most it very well. There are a few more plan links HERE (www.hovercruiser.org.uk/useful_links.htm) that may interset you.

My only request is - please don't mess around on a beach (unless it's VERY isolated) - you'll just spoil it for everyone else http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_confused.gif

msk12 - n/a
7-Feb-08, 09:48 PM
Check out the WEB Site for Hoverworks in New Zealand.