View Full Version : Hull swap for beer money!

nickyd - n/a
11-Mar-08, 07:03 AM
Ex Team Drew Eagle Sport hull with skirt and spares. Complete with seat console and flow straightener vanes.

Does not include any steering, engine, fan assembly, frames, or rudders, it is just the bare hull.

Needs a fair bit of patching up but may be a good project for someone. Thinking maybe a school or youth group?

Yours for the price of a pint. You have to come and collect and it has to be gone by the end of March.

Either that or it's getting chopped up and taken down the tip!

http://i224.photobucket.com/albums/dd299/nickyd143/hoverfieldsmall.jpg (i224.photobucket.com/albums/dd299/nickyd143/hoverfieldsmall.jpg)

andrew.riley - n/a
21-Mar-08, 03:09 PM
Nick - has this hull gone yet ?

I have a set of bits for a F1 but no hull - could be a marriage made in heaven ?

Only trouble is i'm in cumbria - but I do have a sister in gloucestershire

can you give me a phone number & i'll try to persuade them to try & pick it up

Im on 01946 821944

Andrew Riley

nickyd - n/a
22-Mar-08, 10:54 PM