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Irish Falcon - n/a
14-Mar-08, 07:43 PM
Hi, I took these pics of a rotary engine recently. The engine was used during 70's and 80's on a college test bed to compare petrol, diesel and rotary power plants. Anybody know what make and model it is? Philip

Vortex - n/a
14-Mar-08, 08:56 PM
Hi there,

Looks like a 1970's Sach Rotary Wankle engine, they were about 25 - 30 hp I think...long time ago..................!!


Irish Falcon - n/a
14-Mar-08, 09:05 PM
Hi Keith, Its 70's ok, I'm curious about the make .When we had on the test bed all I can remember is that had a very high fuel consumption and lots of noise.The power and fuel consumption graphs are somewhere round here (pre computer days). Philip

jar2 - n/a
14-Mar-08, 09:15 PM
Keith is correct - it is a Sachs rotary. You are also correct in that they were VERY noisy. I had one a couple of years ago and intended fitting it to one of my craft but, after bench testing it, I changed my mind http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_eek.gif

They were 16HP originally but could be very easily tuned to 25HP. They are worth a bit of money if you still have it.

hovercraftrental - n/a
17-Mar-08, 01:05 AM
Your motor is a Fichtel-Sachs Model KM-914A. Rotary (Wankel)

Probable year of manufacture 1967-69.

If the carb is a Tillotson, its the "Industrial" Spec Motor rated at 16.5HP. Industrial meant General service and was fitted to just about everything from East German Fire Brigade water pumps to motorcyles, Hoverhawk Hovercraft and target drones.

It could also be fitted with a Bing and rated at 19.0HP although in real terms it made little difference to the actual torque figure and just made them harder to start when warm.

Irish Falcon - n/a
17-Mar-08, 08:16 AM
Many thanks for the info. I must try to find the test results from my college days. I was surprised to find the engine during a recent visit. It may only have 50 hours use and is NOT for sale. Philip

Just noticed I have posted this message at 9.20 on a Monday morning, no work today? Reason: Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh, Happy Saint Patricks Day everyone.

david ryan - n/a
24-Mar-08, 04:45 PM
Hi, Phil, would you not get those fish out of your craft. They must be smelling something fierce by now.

Slán, David.

Irish Falcon - n/a
24-Mar-08, 07:26 PM
David, I'v made changes. Philip