View Full Version : Jethover MT EP50PM engine or alternative + fan + spinner

sanandreas - n/a
14-Jun-08, 01:29 PM
In NSW, Australia.

Have a jethover with a rebuilt fuji-robin EP50PM engine. Looking for a fan and spinner for this. Not sure if this is the best way to go , or simply replace the engine with something else.

Unit does not have a fan, spinner or top unit the fan connects to. Its a great project and would like to finish it.

If anyone in Australia know where to get parts for this engine, fan or spinner send me a msg.

Hornet - n/a
17-Jun-08, 01:06 PM
You could try Nell Fabrication (Viper Hovercraft)in NSW they should be able to supply you with drive parts.

sanandreas - n/a
18-Jun-08, 10:16 AM

Mike is great. I was selling the unit to a friend but he piked out of it. So going to fix it up myself.

I was hoping someone might have an engine like this as I understand its hard to get parts for a robins engine. Other wise I will hae to mod the engine.