View Full Version : O/T Potential B & Q Scam

28-Jun-08, 05:34 PM
I'm not usually one for posting warnings about potential scams but I had

a close call yesterday.

I walked into B&Q hardware store at lunchtime and some old guy dressed

in a black shirt with an orange apron on asked me if I wanted decking.

Fortunately, I got the first punch in and sorted the b*st**d out. Those

less suspecting might not be so lucky.

Pass this warning on.

sixpackpert - n/a
28-Jun-08, 05:40 PM
ba dum tish!


hover t - n/a
28-Jun-08, 05:57 PM



overlandandwater - n/a
29-Jun-08, 06:26 AM
I asked the man at B&Q for bedding plants and he offered to "take me outside". B*****d!!!, I only asked!!!

BTW I bought some 42" 4 blade fans with motors and lights for 10 each in B&Q, so why do hovercraft suppliers charge the same for just one silly plastic blade?