View Full Version : 503 crank

bryan - n/a
18-Aug-08, 03:05 PM
Has anyone got a 447 or 503 crank thats in working condition.I have bought an old motor and sadly there is movement and i feel the big bang won,t be far behind!!


hovmart - n/a
18-Aug-08, 03:45 PM
i think you will find that 447 and 503 cranks are different,377 and 447 are the same

Iceman - n/a
18-Aug-08, 05:13 PM
I have a selection of cranks for 503's and 447's. Let me know what spec your engine is and I will check availability!

bryan - n/a
18-Aug-08, 05:20 PM
Thats great i will check the engine plate number a let you know.cheers Bryan

Iceman - n/a
18-Aug-08, 05:26 PM
Hi Bryan,

the engine plate will tell you the engine type but I also need to know the igntion system (Bosch, Dippo Denso, or Ducati).

Let me know if you need help identifying ignition systems?