View Full Version : Twice used Hovpod SPX for sale

stuart - n/a
25-Aug-08, 10:04 PM
As the marketplace for hovercraft is a bit limited I hope nobody minds if I advertise this machine here despite not having used this forum before.

This hovercraft was purchased by a work collegue of mine as part of an on-going impending-retirement mid-life crisis and as he is computer illiterate has asked me to see whether there is a way of him selling his hovercraft on 'that new fangled web thingy'!

Its full base spec is:-

3 passenger HovPod SPX with ACX65 Rotax S82 65hp engine

Blue Granite in colour with full Trailer and transportation kit.

Extras spec list:-

Electric start

Gauge control set

Upholstered seats

Steering safety padding

Durable thicker skirting

Amber flashing light

Navigation lights

Protective cover

The total new cost of the above was 18,171.38 and having only been used twice (usage clock shows 3 hours) it was apparent that it wasnt suitable for the area in which the owner intended to use it (too powerful for a busy beach and waterway) and he has therefore decided to sell it in mint condition for 12,500

Obviously any questions or inspections are welcome.


Canahover - n/a
14-Sep-08, 10:51 PM

Is the Hovpod still for sale and if so can you email me a couple of photo's?

I would also like to know if the owner can arrange to ship it to Canada.


Mark Kinnin

Toronto, Canada


stuart - n/a
18-Sep-08, 01:54 PM
Hi Mark

I am getting Mick (the owner) to bring in a couple of photographs tomorrow which I will then scan and attempt to post on here - as far as shipping to canada goes then this is definately possible - I am just looking into the costs involved.

Hopefully then I can get back to you tomorrow or at the latest Monday.


Canahover - n/a
19-Sep-08, 11:01 AM
sounds fine, thanks.

I will wait to hear back.


28-Jun-09, 09:58 PM

Could you confirm that this is a 2 stroke engine?

Thanks, Mark