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Alan Smith - n/a
25-Sep-08, 02:31 PM
<font size="5">[/COLOR]HOV POD FOR SALE.

I have a Hov Pod ACX52 with a Rotax 503 52HP engine which I would like to sell. It was taken to Portugal for Advertising and Display purposes but has never really been used properly. It has about 10 hours use only. In mint condition complete with Roll on Roll off trailer with Transport Kit, Electric Start Option, Gauge Control Set, Upholstery Kit complete with padded seats, Accessory Kit, Upgrade Hypalon/Nylon Skirt and recommended spares holding. Images upon request.

It currently lives is a garage in Romford.

Cost over 15K but will take 9K

Contact details : Alan Smith 07850 724125 or alanlesliesmith&#64;btinternet.com

andymum - n/a
12-Oct-08, 08:26 AM
Hello Alan

So whats the full story with this craft then bud, why it go abroad then endup back in uk With no time usage have you mamaged to see her yet


Alan Smith - n/a
12-Oct-08, 03:18 PM

The Hov Pod was taken to Portugal with the idea of selling/distributing them throughout the country however the Portuguese authorities could not figure the craft out. They could not make their mind up one way or the other and after some 18 months of chasing for a license we finally gave up. Reluctantly therefore it was towed back to GB. It is therefore almost unused but does now sport the insignia Hov Pod.com.PT. Regrettably a failed business project of which the only remaining asset is the craft. If you are in the market for a Hov Pod in new condition and want to save some money this is it!