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danielp - n/a
27-Sep-08, 08:04 PM

does anyone know if a rg 250 gamma would be suitable for racing in F3,

i've found that the engine produces just shy of 50hp at 8000 rpm and need to know if this would be competitive with the other crafts ie tzr 250's.

any thoughts on this would be grateful

daniel powell

team black - n/a
27-Sep-08, 08:16 PM
Various suzukis have been tried but most run the clutch end bearing wet (ie in the gearbox oil) which tends to make them very hard to use, but not impossible.

danielp - n/a
27-Sep-08, 08:28 PM

thats a shame i've had one sat in my shed for about 4 years, i wonder if there's a way of lubricating the end bearing. by making a casing to cover the bearing and a seal for the pulley to come through,


team black - n/a
28-Sep-08, 05:15 PM
That has been done with an RG500 as I recall, so yes it is a possibility. The othetr thing Suzuki sometimes did was to put oil seals on the middle of the crank- you'd need to find out whether yours has these, cos you'll need to deligver oil to them somehow if the're there