View Full Version : Triple Trailer

Keith Lovell - n/a
8-Oct-08, 06:26 PM
Hello folks,

Winter preparation is underway, well at least I'm thinking ahead to next season!

Has anyone got a Triple craft trailer which they would be prepared to lend for a couple of years or sell to us at Bearwood for our use?

The lads are getting so keen we are in need of bringing at least 4 craft next season and there are only two tow vehicles, one of which must tow the box trailer with tents and tools and stuff in.

If you can help please pm me.

Many thanks in advance.


martyn_bannister - n/a
10-Oct-08, 04:34 PM
Hi Keith,

I have a boat trailer which is currently costing me money to store, cos the boat ain't on it. If I sell the boat though, I would want it back.....

Don't know whether you could adapt that? If you want details then PM me.