View Full Version : Getting there - slowly!

Arny - n/a
22-Oct-08, 08:35 AM
Finally, with the help of gaz (thanks Gary), I have started to get the Flying Fish refurb under way.

The hole in the front of the body, where the cleat was pulled out from the body last time out (on the Severn with Bryan and ChrisC), is now repaired and the underside skid rails secured again.

The engine is currently out and by this weekend it should have new plugs, new carb and new oil and be ready for installing back into the body. I still haven't decided what I am going to do as far as the air filter goes and for now I will probably use the old K&N cone one cleaned up.

The skirt is off and a brand new skirt (all segments) is ready to go back on.

The rudders were partially siezed and they are now freed up, geased and ready to go. I still have to grease the fan hub though and replace some of the loose rivits on the body and fan assembly.

I still need to clean out the fuel tank. It has loads of c**p in the bottom and I need to clear it out but I can't think of a way short of turning the craft upside down! Any ideas?

I have also yet to look at the trailer... I am hoping that the wheel bearings and tyres are OK having stood unmoved for a year... what are the chances do you think?

I expect to get it up and running in the next week or two and then I will be operational again so watch out for a day or two of late season cruising in the south-west.

More when it is up and running.