View Full Version : B&S 35 weight?

Irish Falcon - n/a
11-Nov-08, 09:57 PM
I'm weighing !! up the engine options for my next craft. Has anybody actually weighed a ready to run Briggs 35? Briggs seem to quote several different weights. Philip

Ian Brooks - n/a
11-Nov-08, 10:11 PM
The engine weighs in at a fairly porky 59kg/130lb out of the box with the stock air filter.

Removal of the cases, air cleaner, governor etc takes about 20lb off the total. However, I reckon the cases are best retained and the air cleaner, although it weighs in at 5lb, has proven itself capable of operating satisfactorily when others give up!

As installed on my craft, it weighs in at 57kg after the removal of the governor and a heavy wire guard (it sits under a guard anyway).

All excluding the exhaust.