View Full Version : WANTED ! 007 Bond hovercraft or Osprey 5

arabdhow@blueyonder.co.uk - n/a
3-Jan-09, 02:49 PM

Perhaps there is someone out there who might have, or know of, a 007 Bond hovercraft from the film " Die Another Day." for sale. I would prefer a complete one with a genuine Osprey hull, but would consider a copy. (I believe there were 15 made for the film, seven of which were genuine Osprey hulls)

Perhaps there's even one out there that has been converted and/or has the original Bond "bits" for sale - ie the raised seating on roll bars, cowling with the guns, headlight and wing mirrors. Webbing and "armour plating" etc etc...

Failing that, an Eagle 4 with BMW K100 petrol engine, or maybe even a 5 seater BBV 5. Maybe, just maybe, it's out there....You might read this advert months from now - still contact me.

tonybroad - n/a
6-Jan-09, 12:55 PM
charlie peach our transport officer had one of the big osprey 5's but i think it got sold to a transport museum

good luck with the search