View Full Version : Hovercraft Video through Central London.

Burtythepilot - n/a
5-Jan-09, 09:22 PM
Sorry about the juddery part, I need a new computer, but here is a bit of the video from Rupert and my trip through suburbia.

Not the best, you could do a brill job with a dedicated camera crew, but I was more interested in seeing the sites with my eyes rather than through a lens. Also holding on and avoiding the other traffic seemed a priority.

Thanks again to Duncan for posting his and his friends intensions to travel through the city in their ribs and speed boats, otherwise we would never have took our BBV's

It was a day that my Father, Rupert and I will never forget.



Iceman - n/a
6-Jan-09, 07:41 AM

tonybroad - n/a
6-Jan-09, 12:52 PM
excellent - the song choice is perfect even though i could never stand the pet shop boys

perhaps we should have an annual 'thames raid'

surely something for the magazine for nick


keith_b - n/a
6-Jan-09, 01:32 PM
Great video


Nauti Buoy - n/a
7-Jan-09, 10:56 AM
Good stuff, it gave me quite a buzz to meet up with you guys near Putney. Being Safely in the rib, suddenly felt somehow boring!

With Nelson, I cruised back up to Putney in the boat one evening a couple of days later (it's 9 miles from St Katherines for the record) and moored up for a pint. Then we blasted back to the others who'd set out down the thames in the big boat - took us a while to catch them and we ended up doing a near 40 mile marathon in sub-zero temperatures. Chilly! But the Putney slip is superb, defintely will be using that again for boats and hovers!

There was a bit of chitchat going on on the VHF about the 'hovercraft movements' and notcies to mariners. i'm pretty sure i heard them calling you on channel 14 (VTS) too - which was pretty optimistic! http://hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/smiley_icons/icon_rolleyes.gif

The tiger 12 was operating at the same time, what a shame you didn;t get a chance to wave at each other!