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Dan Newton - n/a
5-Feb-09, 11:21 AM
2008 F2 Racing Hovercraft

Itegrated design

Glassfibre Hull White and Blue ( Williams F1 team colours )

Yamaha 500cc water cooled snow mobile engine with tunned exhaust

Low maintenance drive system

Segmented skirt (+ spares)

Ideal starter craft, easy to drive and maintain

Suitable for racing or just having fun


The craft is on ebay item 18032622466

Contact Dan 07738 109 480

Kevin Eastwood - n/a
5-Feb-09, 11:47 PM
you missed a number out Dan

ebay item no 180326224667

sixpackpert - n/a
6-Feb-09, 08:11 AM
Dan asked me to post up a picture of the craft, so here it is.