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jgreen171 - n/a
19-Feb-09, 10:45 PM
Hello folks,

I have never been on a hovercraft, but I am fascinated by them as a technology and curious about their potential as a business. Any chance that someone might be willing to answer a few questions related to hovercraft business venture?

As far as I can tell, there is actually very little hovercraft-rental businesses catering to tourists and people seeking hovercrafts as a leisure activity. So I would like to know the following:

1) What factors account for the low number of places that rent small hovercrafts to tourists, especially in locations such as in lakes, swamps, and on beaches in the Caribbean, etc?

2) What are the unexpected difficulties of running such a business, that someone like me who is an outsider to the sport might not consider?

3) Why, as far as I can tell, are there no hovercraft companies that utilize medium-sized crafts (with 7-15 passengers) to take them on thrill rides on land and on water? It seems like a profitable business model....if you charge each person $15 and you have 10 passengers, and you take a 30 minute ride you should be earning a very respectable profit margin.

4) I remain confused about something: can most leisure and commercial hovercrafts withstand being on the open ocean or not? In other words, if I lived in florida on the beach, could I rent hovercrafts for people to take into the water or not?

hectorshouse46 - n/a
20-Feb-09, 09:33 AM

Once you get past Insurance, Health and safety, Suitable craft, Capital cost issues and environmental impact assessments etc you still would have an issue with people not injuring themselves the fisrt time they went out ..... hovercraft require more skill to operate safely than some other small watercraft (IMO)

On taking people out on tours (something I'd love to do)most countries have so much red tape and hoops for you to jump through that it's not worth the hassle, we live in a risk averse litigeous society.

Sorry for busting your bubble.

ivan pullen - n/a
20-Feb-09, 11:35 AM
If you would like to contact me direct, I will give you the benifit of our experiences with novice hands-on rental. We run these events on a regular basis. Ivan at Flying fish hovercraft. Pm me if poss.