View Full Version : 'Nearly Live' Video this sunday 27 March

Keith Oakley
27-Mar-09, 07:56 PM
The next video trial will be this Sunday 27 March from 7pm to 9pm BST (don't forget UK puts its clock forwards on Sunday!) It will be available to members and non members at www.raceresults.info/live2 (http://www.raceresults.info/live2) . The main aim is to test a new web page that integrates a number of live info feeds. To make it more interesting Paul Taylor will feed some recorded hovercraft racing video and audio (from his home in Nottinghamshire) whilst I feed re-run lapcharts from last years Worlds. (from my place in Kent)
You will also see a satellite pic of the Magnolls farm racesite where you can see the course etched into the grass. (and if you zoom in you'll see 3 craft there) The longterm plan is to develop GPS tags so we can actually show you where individual craft are on the course in real time.
Feedback very welcome particularly on any problems experienced with different browsers.

Keith Oakley
29-Mar-09, 04:40 PM
I'm currently having probs debugging the 'live lapchart' bit at the foot of the page so don't expect too much. However we do have Pauls videos to look forward to. BBC this isn't !!!
Live at 7pm.

Jon Pert
29-Mar-09, 06:00 PM
I like the test card!!!

Jon Pert
29-Mar-09, 06:11 PM
Good at my end. Looks excellent. Forgot how many times I ploughed in that weekend! :o

Bob Rennick
29-Mar-09, 06:15 PM
Looks pretty good from my end, Keith. Much better than the 'highway' scenes from previous tests!


29-Mar-09, 06:16 PM
Hi Keith,

Fine here.

Can you tell how many people are viewing it?



Keith Oakley
29-Mar-09, 06:22 PM
The picture quality looks quite acceptable to me - even full screen. About 10 viewers on average. Is anyone seeing the small changes I'm making from time to time in the text?

Baz Hunt
29-Mar-09, 06:29 PM
Looking good Keith. Sitting here at work watching for another 10 mins or so before going home.. Yes, I've seen the text updates too. Also tried full screen and easily watchable. Bring on the racing season!


29-Mar-09, 06:40 PM
Looking great from here, and i'm only on a 500k connection :)


Keith Oakley
29-Mar-09, 07:07 PM
We're trying to do the video+audio at 200-300kbits so it can go over mobile broadband for the uplink from race site to server. This particular test is over Pauls home fixed broadband link. Is anyone experiencing many buffering pauses? - I think I've only had a couple in >1hour

29-Mar-09, 07:40 PM
Hi Keith

looks good here. http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/icon14.gifhttp://www.hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/icon14.gifhttp://www.hovercraft.org.uk/images/icons/icon14.gif

Keith Oakley
29-Mar-09, 08:05 PM
Trial now finished - very watchable quality. Thanks to Paul Taylor for putting together such a cracking video.