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Keith Oakley
17-May-09, 02:24 PM
Some of the racing from Freiburg last weekend is now experimentally available online on the 'Replay' service. Go to www.raceresults.info/live2/freisat3.html (http://www.raceresults.info/live2/freisat3.html) to see an 82 min session of racing from saturday afternoon. Unlike the 'Live' service this is full Video on Demand - use the slide bar on the bottom of the screen to go where you want. for example try 62.00mins for the start of a brilliant F1 race featuring Hibby in full cry! More replays will be available as I get more organised!
I've also looked at the stats for last weekend. Audience averaged around 35 on Sat, 45 on sunday with peak simultaneous audience of 52. Up from 25 for Magnolls1. Viewers came from:
UK 71.5%
Germany 3.4%
Netherlands 3.4%
France 1.9%
Sweden 1.9%
Slovenia 1.8%
Poland 1.3%
Euro other 1.0%
USA 5.4%
Canada 3.7%
China 0.3%


Keith Oakley
17-May-09, 04:20 PM
I've now uploaded a file with most of sundays racing from Freiburg - its at www.raceresults.info/live2/freisun7.html (http://www.raceresults.info/live2/freisun7.html)
I'd be particularly interested in feedback from Bob Rennick or anyone else on the N American side of the pond wether they can see the replay ok, and wether anyone else in USA/Canada had same problems as Bob last weekend. The replay service is being hosted from UK not Frankfurt. If the probs are widespread I might set up a relay to a US server.

Rhi Black
17-May-09, 04:22 PM
:eek: Wow! Look at Hibby go!! Good stuff! :)

Bob Rennick
17-May-09, 09:09 PM
Hi Keith,

No problem at all with the replay. In fact, it's smooth and consistent whereas I frequently had to 'reload' last weekend. Did others - not from there - report similar (or other) issues last weekend?


18-May-09, 06:13 AM
:D working Fantastic. Will it be like this for all the races?

Keith Oakley
18-May-09, 07:20 AM
Hopefully a bit better as we get more organised. It looks like it will be too time consuming to edit the races before posting them to the replay server so I will probably be posting the full days file and let users fast forward to find the best bits themselves. Hopefully folk will then post reports of their favourite moments on this website.
I'm aiming to cover HoverRally09 from the USA, Slovakia and Polish Europeans plus all the UK Nationals. It does very much depend though on the availability and quality of local Broadband access. eg at present Claydon can't be covered live because there is no mobile broadband (3G) coverage there, although we are exploring alternatives.
As far as I know Bob in Canada was the only one suffering problems actually connecting or experiencing video dropout last weekend. There were various moments when we actually transmitted blue screens and other rubbish but actual link failure was limited to Bob - anyone else experience video link failure?
I hope you will tune in Atters - your sound check services are very usefull!