View Full Version : Car Driving Licence - check the "4b" date

7-Jun-09, 06:07 PM
Check the date on your photo card DL, section 4b.



No further comment to make.


8-Jun-09, 01:20 PM
timely reminder, cheers keith, got a DVLA letter through a month or so ago muttered about it being daylight robbery etc an forgot about it, just checked the date, licence expires in 8 days... ooops

John Robertson
8-Jun-09, 07:42 PM
I've been toying with the idea of getting one of these new-fangled photo licences - you've now made the decision for me :) (I've still got one of these foldy out pink paper things that is now in three pieces)

10-Jun-09, 10:08 AM
the photo license is pants.
you get the card but you get a folding license too (this is the one you need if you get tugged),so if you swap for the new one you get 2 more paper less trees,
(not a tree hugger)
but cant see the point.