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9-Jun-09, 02:25 PM
Sorry if this is in the wrong place or anything, I just joined!

My Dad used to take us to watch the Hovercraft racing some time back in the 1970's/1980's - every August bank holiday was spent at Stamford Hall nr Rugby (I think?!) for about 10 years! He was a member, I can remember the car sicker we had!

Anyway in a burst of nostalgia I googled you guys and have just registered on here. And the Rother Valley meet is close to me and this weekend!!

My long winded question is, can I just turn up and watch? Is there a fee or do I need to be a fully paid up member? And can I get a race programme or did you stop doing those 20 years ago?!

Thanks for any replies!

Jon Pert
9-Jun-09, 02:35 PM
Hi Lennie http://www.jonrb.com/emoticons/wavey.gif

Just turn up. Follow the signs for the racing when you get into the park.

You can get access to the paddock to have a look around during the breaks in racing which are after practice (late morning/lunch) and between the 2 blocks of racing about mid afternoon.

Race programmes are available when you are there.

Practice on Saturday starts at 10AM
Racing on Saturday starts at 1PM

Practice starts on Sunday at 9.30AM
Racing starts on Sunday at 11:30AM

Hope you enjoy it, get the bug, buy a craft, become a member and have a great time. http://www.jonrb.com/emoticons/thumbup.gif

Brian G. Reynolds
9-Jun-09, 03:51 PM
Where do you live Lennie?

I will be there on the Friday morning with a bunch of others to lend a hand to setting the course. Knocking in posts, tying catch netting to posts and generally saying hello to friends.....

If you fancy lending a hand I am sure you will be welcome.

When I first joined I had to help out with the marshalling, as do all new racers, and is was great fun and very very informative as to what is happening, well as much as anyone knows.....

The club is a great place, very friendly family fun and it never fails to amaze me how well it is all organised! A lot of hard work behind the scenes!

The commentry during the races is second to NONE!

Are you getting the picture? this is a great club!


Living in Beighton.

9-Jun-09, 08:38 PM
Oooh thank you both :-)

Sadly I work full time otherwise I'd be there like a shot to help out, although my only experience is jumping out of the way of rogue hovercraft, in the days before health and safety lol.

I don't think my future lies in participation, I'm a bit too girly for that, but I'm definitely an enthusiastic spectator.

I live in Sheffield, Brian, so Rother Valley is perfect for me!

Oooh how exciting!

10-Jun-09, 07:09 AM
There are ways that girly girls can get involved too.....the occassional bit of lap scoring, in a nice warm race control van, for example.....

You are very welcome to just watch too. I have been a member for 35 years, what's your dad's name?


Jon Pert
10-Jun-09, 07:12 AM
Some of our racers are girly...

...and some of them are actually girls! http://www.jonrb.com/emoticons/laugh.gif

10-Jun-09, 07:34 AM
LOL! Well there may be a place for me in all this after all! A nice warm race control van sounds just about my level. Although secretly I have always wanted to have a go (sshhhhh!), I've never been in one. Never say never!

I don't think anyone would know my Dad, we were only ever spectators. Every year we turned up in his Ariston van, spread out a picnic and watched the racing! I loved Stamford Hall - does anything still go on there now?

When I come at the weekend will I need to pay to park/get in? If somone could give me an idea of how much I need to bring for 2 adults and a 5 year old that would be really useful :-)

11-Jun-09, 08:03 AM
Anyone? A best guess? I just want to know how much it might cost to come and watch at the weekend :-)

Jon Pert
11-Jun-09, 08:13 AM
You'll have a cheap day to be fair. We can't charge people to watch as it is a public park.

Follow the signs for the racing.

Then you can spend some cash on the bouncy castle, ice cream van and I'll have a cheeseburger with english mustard ta! http://www.jonrb.com/emoticons/hehe.gif

11-Jun-09, 08:15 AM
Ha ha, thanks Jon, that's really helpful! The ice cream van sounds like a definite, as long as the park didn't get washed away yesterday :eek:

11-Jun-09, 02:38 PM
hi lennie
the park will charge you an entry fee for all day parking this will be around 2.50 for a car with four people in it.i beleave its free if you walk in?

12-Jun-09, 07:27 AM
Ooh thank you John! That's handy to know. I'm like the Queen - I very rarely carry cash ;-)

I'm really excited!! And the weather looks good too!

Brian G. Reynolds
15-Jun-09, 07:55 PM
Hi Lennie, did you make it this weekend?

Very hot and some great racing!


15-Jun-09, 08:51 PM
Yes I did Brian - and I have the sunburned nose to prove it :-D See my "big thanks" post! I had a great time, once the spray and the smell hit my face I had the biggest grin!

Brian G. Reynolds
15-Jun-09, 09:09 PM
Ah, I did not notice that over there....

Yes as you say Bob is a lovely chap! For most of the time I have been a member Bob has bought along his own craft and given rides to whom ever wanted one during the breaks! I have no idea how many "made-my-day"s he must have made!!! I am aleays in awe of him!

It was a pleasure seeing him again myself as I do not get to the races anymore due to seeing the light and moving over to the crusing side!

For me this weekend was fantastic seeing all my old friends again and making me relaise how much I miss them all!

Glad you and your husband had a good time, if you ever get the urge to talk hovercraft I store my Osprey in sheffield, actually having said that I did store it at work but this week we are moving to a smaller building so my craft is now homeless!

Speak soon,