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hover snapper
15-Jun-09, 10:08 AM
Really enjoyed rother despite not feeling well.
there was great weather all weekend.:D

mum and dad had a great anniversary party saturday night and would like to thank every one who turned up to celebrate.;)
And here is a picture of the brilliant cake claire made for them.


there was a lot of ploughin's going off this weekend. and a few marshalls taking a dip to recover the ones that didn't pull out of it.

this is one craft I didn't expect to see upsidedown!!

some of my pictures are not as in focus as they should be as i have a faulty lens. it will have to get fixed at the end of season. costs tons!! not ready to part with it yet.
so sorry if you are a bit blurry.

to see more goto. www.hovercraftvideo.co.uk (http://www.hovercraftvideo.co.uk)

see you at the next one!

Brian G. Reynolds
15-Jun-09, 08:07 PM
You did a brilliant job of that cake Clair! Good to see you all again!