View Full Version : Rivets for sale

the goose
12-Jul-09, 06:21 PM
If anybody needs rivets i will have a stock at claydon , or i will post out .

Box large head peel qty 200 10
Box small head peel qty 250 10
Box large head qty 200 10
Steel fivets ,very tough bag 100 3

If anbody needs rivets ,drop me a message so i get an idear of numbers.

Thanks Mick Craft 135

daddy goose
6-Sep-09, 03:36 PM
if any body requires rivets, peel large or small head, pop large and small head please let me know so i can bring enough stock with me to Jakes and Towester.

10 a box as normal

large head pops box is quantity 200
large head pel box is 200
small head peel box 250