View Full Version : It lives again

23-Jul-09, 11:43 AM
The old craft that Ewan built lives again! Just need to put the new skirt on. Running a 503 with 36mm mikuni carbs. Roll on Loch Tay, got permission from a land owner to launch from their ground. Yeh ha!

Jon Pert
23-Jul-09, 12:11 PM
Small word of advice, make an engine cover, it will help to stop you going glug! ;) It may also, if well designed, help to keep the noise down a bit.

23-Jul-09, 03:00 PM
how's the mojo hunt going on perty?:D

Jon Pert
23-Jul-09, 03:35 PM
how's the mojo hunt going on perty?:D

Going to see if it's at the Hovershow. A few blasts round may make it return...

Keith Oakley
23-Jul-09, 04:38 PM
An engine cover is a great idea for keeping spray out of the electrics etc but I've tested more covers that increase noise rather than reducing it. The reason is mostly that a big cover in front of the fan increases the air turbulence going into the fan thus increasing noise. Most engine noise that I see in noise testing comes from the exhaust and maybe the engine air intake not the body of the engine. The majority of the engine body noise I've seen comes from failed bearings etc and the engine has usually seized within 1-2 operating hours - which solves that problem!


24-Jul-09, 09:47 AM
Thanks Keith,
The engine was rebuilt with new bearings, seals, etc. So I hope it doesn't go bang. We have been playing around with the jets, now running 270 and 280 jets. Still bogs down a little but runs well flat out. I will also get my fathers boat, just in case!
Thanks for all the advice. Also I have managed to get access to Loch Lubnaig, so that will bring back memories for some of you.