View Full Version : Hov-pod for sale, n. Ireland

17-Aug-09, 08:08 PM
Right here we go, i know certain people are going to kick my a*** for doing this, i have a HOV-POD ACX for sale (see pictures, short video will follow later). It has been fitted with a Yamaha microlight engine with only around 15 or so hours on it. Yes it could be in better condition but it runs and it flys but it could do with a bit of tweeking around the bottom pully and the skirts are a bit tatty but still working. All the parts are there, it comes with a trailer but not the original Hov-Pod one. I bought a brand new flying fish and to tell you the truth i lost interest in the Hov-Pod but im sure someone out there would be interested in it to fix up.

Right this is the bit a few certain peple will think im mad at saying. I have know idea what price to put on it (but in saying that dont take me for an idiot just cause im irish) so im opening it up to sensible offers.

If you have a sensible offer send me a private message and ill tell you where it is and give you contact details.

Ive just sold my 25ft cruiser (no fun anymore now i have the fish) to make room and now the Hov-Pod is next on the chopping board to make room.

Any questions and i will try to answer and supply pictures.


7-Sep-09, 04:34 AM
thanks for all the intrest in the hov-pod just to inform all that it has now been sold

7-Sep-09, 06:56 AM
GOOD 4 YOU, Now take the fish out for another spinnnnnnnn :D