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Keith Oakley
29-Sep-09, 02:34 PM
If you missed any of the 20 hours of live coverage last weekend of Towcester UK & Roar on the Shore Michigan USA you can find replays at: www.replay.raceresults.info (http://www.replay.raceresults.info)
So far just sundays coverage from both events has been uploaded. More to come shortly.
My thanks to the huge OB team that made it happen but particularly Paul Taylor, Ross Hammond, David Atkins, Roger Drew, Andy Collins, Jeff Green and of course all the kids.


30-Sep-09, 07:40 AM
Thanks Kieth, I missed Sunday, my airtime ran out. watching it now.

thanks again.

Jon Pert
30-Sep-09, 09:31 AM
Hi Keith,

Just as the season is over I have stumbled across this...


...bit late now I know. :rolleyes:

Keith Oakley
30-Sep-09, 11:07 AM
Useful stuff innit! - I've been using a more detailed version of this all year. It even tells you where the local aerial is so you can point your aerial to it. Unfortunately it doesn't tell you who else is using the network and thus what upstream speed you're actually going to get.

Keith Oakley
1-Oct-09, 07:37 AM
Saturdays racing from Towcester is now available on the replay site www.replay.raceresults.info (http://www.replay.raceresults.info)

Keith Oakley
11-Oct-09, 06:55 PM
Saturdays racing from 'Roar on the Shore' is now available on the replay site at www.replay.raceresults.info (http://www.replay.raceresults.info) - the aerial display by the WIG is at the end of the video