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5-Oct-09, 04:21 PM
I recently bought an 18 hp Briggs from E-bay.
It is in North Ayrshire and it appears that the seller finds it difficult to despatch.
It weighs 38 kg and I have suggested that he takes of sufficient bits and makes 2 parcels as parcel Force will take up to 30kg.
This also seems to be difficult for him.
I obviously will have to take the initiative on this one as i am not getting much cooperation from the seller.
Any one got any (polite) suggestions on a suitable courier service.
A club member did volunteer the services of their company but I cannot remember who you were.
I am not looking for a freebie. Just a way forward.



5-Oct-09, 06:10 PM
Hi Kip,

Palletline (http://www.palletline.co.uk/) may be able to do it. I used them a few years ago and they were great. If I remember correctly, if you can get it on a pallet and it weighs less than a tonne, they'll ship it. My milling machine cost about 70 pounds to ship, though it wasn't coming from Scotland.

Give them a try.



6-Oct-09, 07:12 AM
Most of our customer engines that arrive from individuals come in via Interlink.

You can book the shipment and just tell him that the courier will be arriving on a certain day and it has to be ready.....

Jon Pert
6-Oct-09, 07:26 AM
Hi Kip,

That was me that offered. I can get it collected on a pallet for 40 using our DHL carrier. Email or ring me and I can get it sorted.

ETA: If you are coming to the Treasure Hunt then I can bring it along for you.

6-Oct-09, 08:54 AM
Thank you one and all.
Jon, I will be in touch soon and yes will definitely be at the Treasure Hunt.

I knew you lot wouldn't let me down.

Regards Kip

6-Oct-09, 02:48 PM
I will be heading down south next week to the area north of birmingham if this is of any help. Millar

6-Oct-09, 05:21 PM
Thanks, but I think I have now got it sorted.