View Full Version : Rotax 447 running problems

11-Oct-09, 11:01 PM
Can anyone help me with an engine issue.
Have a Rotax 447 thrust engine on my Sevtech Vanguard.
Was out this afternoon and after about nearly an hour the engine started to stutter , eventually dying.Checked all fuel lines, plugs , etc to no avail. When pulling the starter cord it seems like it's just about to start[but won't]. Is this possibly a carb. problem?After about half an hour i managed to start it again but it was still poorly

12-Oct-09, 09:59 AM
Were you out on water?
If so check your floats to make sure they are not full of it.

12-Oct-09, 05:31 PM
hi mate

you having trouble with the red beast? its not water in your carb. however have you stripped and cleaned it yet?

i had the same problem with the thing and thought i fixed the problem, by cleaning the points and sorting the plug gap. at the treasure hunt last year it did the same and was due to a weak spark in one cylinder. a change of plugs whilst on the mud flats sorted it for me.

however as you are having the same problem again, and after a cool down it starts again but rough. i would change the condensors in the fly wheel, for the points, these are not expensive some bike ones will fit 15 quid ish.

i would have changed these if the problem came up again for me. it makes sense its these as when warm they dont function as well, cool down and work again but week spark.

pm me or give me a call and can talk you thru how to get at them.