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24-Oct-09, 11:07 AM
Hi everyone, please forgive me if my questions have already been answered, but I'm just after a little bit of advice.
I've just finished building a KM Products' 'Eagle 1' and I would like to know where abouts I can use it. I work at RAF Leeming, and have been using it to zip round the airfield up to now, but I'd like to try it out at the beach. Are there any areas in the North East where I would be able to do this without upsetting people? What are the legalities surrounding operating small hovercraft in public places like beaches? Is it a big 'no no' or do you just use common sense?
Thanks in advance

John Robertson
24-Oct-09, 11:41 AM
Hi Davy,

Congratulations on building your first hovercraft!

In general, beach operation is a no-no as you say. Unless it is a totally deserted beach with no one living next to it and isn't an SSSI/SAC/etc then it really isn't a good idea as you are guaranteed to annoy someone (we have spent considerable time and effort trying to overturn "bans" caused by things like beach operation so pleeeeeease don't do it!).

My advice would be to find some tidal water (it's OK to cross a beach to get to the water) - you will find a hovercraft comes into it's own on water. It is important that you check the operational limits of your craft before going onto the water (ask the manufacturer) and take normal watersport safety measures (lifejacket, etc, etc)

The HCGB has a guide on finding cruising sites, a cruise site location map and much other information available to members. We also run training and safety courses for new owners. Click here (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/payments.php?)to join us!

24-Oct-09, 11:44 AM

Good to hear there is another hovercrafter on the go. Please think carefully about using your craft on the beach as this in most cases seems to upset everyone and their dog. I would contact the nearest water users group to the place you intend going. They may have valuable info on where is OK and where is not. Even if it is OK you need to use your discretion and be sensitive to others around you. The club is fighting hard to promote responsible and fun hovercraft use with guides accessible on this site. Good luck


Steve H

24-Oct-09, 12:08 PM
Thanks fellas. I definately don't want to do anything that is going to cause bad feeling amongst hovercrafters! I've been flying RC aircraft since I was a kid, and I know what it's like when newbies come along and start trudging across farmers fields to get their planes back!
Is it a legal requirement to have my 'Eagle' inspected and certified, or is this just if I want to compete?

John Robertson
24-Oct-09, 01:29 PM
Is it a legal requirement to have my 'Eagle' inspected and certified, or is this just if I want to compete?

There are no general legal requirements for light hovercraft (they are classed as "vessels" so you need to be aware of the normal boating "rules"). Within the club, if you want to race you will need to get your craft scrutineered and registered. For cruising, safety inspections may be needed to attend some events.

25-Oct-09, 10:53 AM
you could come down to the humber with me.
or check it out before you dip your toe in the water(so to speak).
humber rescue fees are 40 for the year.

25-Oct-09, 02:15 PM
Thanks for the invite, I might well take you up on it. My next project is to build a trailer for my 'Eagle' and as soon as that's done, I can transport my hovercraft to more suitable places.
PS, I hoping I won't be dipping my toes in the water!