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Jon Pert
2-Nov-09, 07:02 PM
Hi all,

We have just had word that the WHF have accepted our bid to host the 2010 World Hovercraft Championships at Towcester Race Course on 23rd - 29th August 2010. http://www.jonrb.com/emoticons/bold3.gif

The WHF have also voted on and confirmed that Formula 3 will be included in these Championships.

Endurance racing will also be included.

The full bulletin from the WHF can be read here. 4233

The HCGB would like to thank the WHF for accepting our proposal to host the 2010 World Hovercraft Championships. We look forward to welcoming our friends from across the World and look forward to the great racing that they will provide.

Even though time is short we already have in place a team dedicated to making this Worlds a great success and to raising the profile of Hovercraft Racing. We are working on a dedicated website for the event and it will be on-line soon, until then please keep checking www.hovercraft.org.uk (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/) for further information as it becomes available.

See you in August!


HCGB Club Members can also keep up-to-date with information here (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=209), as well as the Club Magazine.

3-Nov-09, 11:00 AM
most excellent news!!! well done the whc organising team.somthing to look forward too:):D

Jon Pert
10-Nov-09, 10:02 AM
You can now get updates about the Worlds here as well!