View Full Version : Trev's Wester Ross Cruising Sortie

7-Nov-09, 11:35 AM
Trev, the videos and pics look great. I would be interested in checking out that part of the world in the hover. Give me a shout the next time, I'd come over for the day or perhaps a couple!!!! Good to see the Osprey out on the water and the pictures of it floating without the engine on which is something we all know but is nearly always the first question we get after 'how fast does it go?'.
I think you have taken pictures of Skuas in one of your fishing shots...nice

Hopefully see you soon may be on the Forth or somewhere like that.



7-Nov-09, 06:24 PM
Hi Steve
I won’t be up there until July next year but you are more than welcome to take a trip over.
The weather this year was good apart from the high winds that unfortunately whipped the sea up and made operating the craft a little bit dodgy considering there are about 6 places you could land on, in about 60 miles of coastline.
I only clocked up 15 hours in 2 weeks on the engine but must have spent 20+ hours floating while fishing sometimes 3 miles off shore and yes I caught over 100 fish but put most of them back.
Every time you stop on the water at least 1 Skua will land and sit waiting to be fed a fish or 2, there is loads of wildlife everywhere you look