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30-Dec-09, 03:33 PM
The Osprey 5 looks like a nice criuser, but I can't find any links to a producer of the crafts.
Has someone got a link they could share with me please? :)


30-Dec-09, 06:09 PM
Hi Richard,
Please send me a "Private Message".

Kip McCollum,
Designer and former manufacturer of the Osprey 5

31-Dec-09, 02:22 PM
Hi Richard
There has been a Osprey 5 for sale in the club mag for the last few months 8750.00
I personaly dont know anything about it and its the only one I have seen for sale this year.

Looks like a standard set up with not a lot of use but remember these craft can cost a small fortune to put them right when things go wrong, And things will go wrong if you intend to use it the way I use my (modified to suit my needs) Osprey 5.

Have a look at some of my pics in the link below You will see some of the damage points to look out for.


Hope this helps