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7-Jan-10, 01:12 PM
Hi Folks, I've just joined the Forum and I'm having fun searching thro' some of the names that I remember from the 1960's.
Keith Oakleys sprang out immediately as did George Armitage. I haven't found mention of Geoff Kent yet or Colin Knight yet but I have a lot to search through.
I still have the tankard presneted me at the Thames Rally Keith. I also have my original HCGB lapel badge.
I'd be interested in seeing some of the old magazines as you may recall I used to write the 'Hovercraft Electrics' feature.
Glenys and I retired to live in Sunny Spain six years ago and we're enjoying every minute of it. I had a some problem 18 months ago when I had cancer of the bladder - however surgery to whip out the bladder and prostarte soon sorted that out and with some remeidial surgery last year I'm fighting fit.
Best wishes to all our friends from the early days of the sport and we hope that we may meet up with some of them here.
Cheers, Ken Anderson.

Jon Pert
7-Jan-10, 03:46 PM
Hi Ken,

If you re-join the club you can read all the magazines that are stored on this site!!

Keith Oakley
8-Jan-10, 08:51 AM
Hi Ken
Welcome back Staff Sergeant Ken Anderson, leading light of the Army Hovercraft Club!
They don't know it but this club owes you a lot - it was your organising events on the wide open spaces of Larkhill artillery range on Salisbury Plain in 1970 that got racing started in this country. Prior to that 'Rallies' were one craft at a time against the clock not craft racing alongside others. The 1969 Thames Rally you mentioned had craft leaving Hammersmith Bridge one at a time every few minutes for the run down to Putney and back - mostly under tow.

As Jon has mentioned most of the mags from 1970 onwards are now available for members to peruse online on this sites. Putting 'Ken Anderson' in as a search term produces several references including you being co-driver of a Caliban in 1970 - the first design of craft to use a snowmobile engine and one of the first to consistently go over hump. I think it was the only craft to do more than one circuit of the Thames course. Have you got any pre-70 mags? - they're a bit thin on the ground.

I think brother Barry and I are the only members from 67 still active - Colin is I think in Canada. Dave Ibbotsen pops in occasionally and Chief Scrutineer Dave Walters dropped in on the board a while ago. Of course there's a lot of relative newcomers like Kip McCullom, Bill Baker, Graham Nutt, Jim Lyne, still very active. Chairman Geoff Harding died a couple of years ago.

Hope you can make it over the the worlds in August. It would be great to see you.


8-Jan-10, 05:27 PM
Thanks for those kind words Keith.
Unfortunately having moved house so often and now to Spain we lost a lot of memorablia.
I'll try and dig out some photos though.
I remember in '70 borrowing Geoff Kents 'Caliban' and taking it across Europe to perform with it under searchlights at the Berlin Tattoo in the original Berlin Stadium.
A bit of a chuckle was that on our first nights performance we were parked in the tunnel with the massed bands behind us who were to go on next. As we started our engines we blew dust all over them - needless to say we were not the flavour of the month!

I wonder if anyone else remembers ?????? Voss 'Express Air Rider'.

8-Jan-10, 06:34 PM
Hi Ken,
I seem to remember Geoff Vaizey was there in Berlin.
Can you remember if that was the case?

Kip McCollum. (One of the new upstarts)

NB Keith. After 40 years!!! its McCollum

9-Jan-10, 07:15 AM
The name rings a distant bell but I can't see a face.
No he wasn't with us in Berlin. It was just ???? Prendergast and myself.

Keith Oakley
9-Jan-10, 08:38 AM
Hi Ken
I can fill in a couple of gaps - John Vass - Express Air Rider. Journalist with Daily Express who did a lot to promote the sport, last heard off back in Scotland
Captain John Prendergast - who apparently went on to design a couple of commercial single seaters.

9-Jan-10, 09:32 AM
Thanks Keith - some of the grey cells don't work so well nowadays.
Yes for those for aren't aware John Vass was a reporter on the Daily Express. The Express did a lot to promote sporting hovercraft in the early days. The Air Rider was taken up by quite a number of schools as projects.
I remember John Prendergast particularly for his skills in designing and making wooden props.