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Ross Floyd
21-Jan-10, 09:02 PM
Looks like there will be the highest tide of the year on Monday/Tuesday 1st/2nd Feb.

Weston - s Mare

1st Feb 08.09 ht 13.06 m
2nd Feb 08.52 ht 13.06 m

There is also a possibility of a SW wind.

This is a seriously high tide and if there should be a strong wind it will pile water into the Bristol Channel and there could be flooding. By no means certain but ..

Wellies out!


http://www.pol.ac.uk/ntslf/hilo.php?port=avonmouth 2015 looks interesting!

Ian Brooks
21-Jan-10, 09:20 PM
14.4m (47ft) at Beachley....

That would submerge two houses stacked on top of each other, or three double-deck buses piled up, or 959 matchboxes stacked up or....

22-Jan-10, 01:26 PM
....ooh keep going I like facts like that!!

22-Jan-10, 03:52 PM
That would be 135,276 sheets of A4 copy paper weighing 1,352lbs (615kg)

Now who needs to know that?

I neeed help :eek:


Rob Cooper
1-Feb-10, 12:54 PM

I traveled into Bristol on the Portway this morning to have a look at the River and underneath the suspension bridge at the bristol side of the tunnel the water had covered half of the road!!

Ross Floyd
1-Feb-10, 03:44 PM
We went to see it at Weston last night and it was almost to the top of Knightstone Slipway. However the fun comes in 2015 - a full meter higher than the one today and 4 feet higher than last night - on a calm day the Weston flood defences might hold that - just. Today was 13.6
Highest astronomical tide of the century is 14.65 M at Weston 21-2-15 - that's one BIG tide and I wonder if it hasn't got a lot to do with all the flood defences going up under the guise of global warming. Don't tell them dear, they might panic sort of thing.