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Ashwin Murali
24-Jan-10, 02:21 PM
hi everyone,

The past week was an eventful one for me. I learnt a lot and i've almost finished the design of my craft.

I've decided to use a blower for the lift and a fan for the propulsion instead of a single fan for both.

I utilized the calculators that i came across in hoverhawk.com and Olshove's website to do my basic calculations.

Now my doubt is this.

Both these websites mention the required engine power, air volume and other parameters.

Do they mention these values for a single fan design? If so, can i take two-third of these values for propulsion and one-third for the lift?

24-Jan-10, 02:38 PM

John Robertson
24-Jan-10, 02:53 PM
The calculator is what could (politely) be called optimistic! It shows a 5HP for lift for an 18ft x 8ft hovercraft - this should be more like 35HP if you want a working craft!

If you are using a single engine then you need to decide how to balance the thrust and lift - you will need full lift at a far lower engine RPM if you want to be able to stop the craft without scraping it along the surface. This means that you need far more HP for lift than the calculator implies!

24-Jan-10, 07:08 PM
hi Kip,

I hope you are well, Im the guy in the north of Scotland with the Sunrider we met the hovershow 50 last year (I was underneath Warwick's yellow Sunrider and you introduced yourself to me) can you tell me was there a sunrider II or not ever produced, im trying to gather as much information as possible to help with my restoration also mine has chip bag type segments I've seen promo photos of sunriders that have a 2 part skirt with a rubber style solid skirt and segmented fingers below, can you tell me which is the original design or were both in production.


John Ferguson

25-Jan-10, 07:26 PM
Hi John,
I do remember us meeting.
As far as I can remember all versions of the Sunrider had a loop segmented skirt.
I don't think the segmented skirt had yet been thought of.
(Any one how there remember who actually did come out with the segmented skirt ?
I think it was Nigel Beale.)
There were several versions made with centrifugal fans, Flexible drive, separate engines,etc.
I have attached a few pages from old brochures.
Any specific questions, please PM me .

Good Luck.
She must be at least 34 years old!!