View Full Version : HTD pulleys for sale

10-Feb-10, 08:37 AM
Having a clear out:

Anodised aluminium HTD bottom pulley, 44 teeth / 50mm, complete with internal heavy duty roller bearings for 25mm shaft, has grease nipple, flanges and bolts for standard engine coupling. Has only run 5 hrs, will suit Briggs-type thrust engine, is same unit used on current BBV craft. 80

Standard ally HTD top pulley, 96 teeth / 50 mm. Has also only run 5 hrs. 70

Standard ally HTD top pulley, 86 teeth / 50 mm. Has run 150 hrs and is fairly well worn but there's a bit of life left 20

Nylon HTD bottom pulley, 34 teeth / 85mm belt but could be reduced to 50mm, unused 30

Will ship at postage cost. James 07778 192568