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10-Feb-10, 10:25 AM
Hello to you all, I've been lurking for a few weeks, but this is my first post - hopefully not the last !

Knowing my interest in these craft, my wife kindly bought me an "experience" - half a day driving a hovercraft. The two providers are "Hovpod" and "Flying Fish". Does any one have any advice for me, or past experiences to share as to which might be the better choice?

Distance is not a factor as I will have to travel a reasonable distance for either.

If enjoyable, I have a half formed plan to build my own craft, so with this in mind would one or other of the providers be more attractive?

My current thinking is toward about 12' single engine and I might have access to a Honda CX500 engine, would this be worth buying now in anticipation, or is it just not suitable?

Any advice would be appreciated as I don't want to get put off before I even start.


Jon Pert
10-Feb-10, 11:06 AM
Hi and welcome! http://www.jonrb.com/emoticons/wavey.gif

Personally I would go with the Flying Fish day.

If you are planning on building a craft then I would recommend joining the club. It will give you full access to the members areas on this board which have a wealth of info available as well as a magazine archive that goes back 40 years! In one of those mags there is even a review of a Flying Fish versus a Hov Pod.

Regarding your build, what do you want to do with your craft? Race or Cruise?

10-Feb-10, 06:28 PM
Hello Jon and thanks for replying so quickly.

I intend cruising - I've too many commitments and I'm too old for the racing and the travelling involved !!

I've access to a couple of nice estuaries within a reasonable drive as well as Plymouth Sound.

Full membership is on the cards, if only for the build manual !

One craft that I liked the look of is the Super Wedge 235 by www.asv-aust.com (http://www.asv-aust.com)

10-Feb-10, 09:07 PM
The ASV is a cracking little craft. I,ve seen them in action both the home build and a factory built. I,ve also had the pleasure of taking them for a spin.... very nice. If i were building from scratch i would put a BMW k75 in. Cracking little motor. Have a hunt on ebay and buy a running bike......cheap. K & M products ( eagle hovercraft) will do all the engine drives, exhusts and mounting frames off the shelf. Good luck and welcome.

Ian Brooks
10-Feb-10, 10:42 PM


The CX is a great engine- in a bike. I looked seriously at hoverising one a few years back, but it can't be done unless you're half crazy! There are a variety of engines that are suitable - BMW's as Bryan suggests, the Suzuki 3 cylinder engines (Swift) and Subaru's are used in larger craft, some craft use the Briggs & Kohler industrial engines, etc. My 14' Surveyor has a brace of Briggs engines, 35hp thrust and 13.5hp lift. Best to avoid 2 strokes. Take a read through the buyers guide (a bit dated now but still relevant), poke around a few of the websites linked from here, and we are having a Training Day in April (nr Bristol), so why not come up and see a few craft in operation?


11-Feb-10, 11:50 AM
Hi Col,
I would recommend Flying Fish, but as we have two of them I am slightly biased :P~:-P~:razz:. We also have an older Vortex Storm under refurbishment. I live near Southampton, and if you wanted to see the craft you would be most welcome. pm me for my details if you want to chat.

Incidentally, I hear that Flying Fish might be thinking of selling some sort of kit for self assembly.<link disabled by webadmin>http://www.flyingfishhovercraft.co.uk/<> You might want to consider that if there is any construction skills you are short of.

11-Feb-10, 01:01 PM

The flying fish web site (link in last post) seems to have been infected by an attack virus (they have been informed) - DO NOT access the flying fish web site unless you are absolutely sure that the virus protection on your computer is working and up to date (to be safe, I would recommend not accessing their site at all until it has been cleaned).

..... more info at http://safebrowsing.clients.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?client=Firefox&hl=en-GB&site=http://www.rideit.lt/


11-Feb-10, 08:19 PM
Well, thanks to you all ...

It looks like it will be toward the end of May before I'll be able to have my experience, but that just gives me longer to savour it !!

Can someone give me the dates of the training day in April please? I might be able to get along to see what's what (work permitting).

Thanks for the steer on the CX500 - obviously I've a lot to learn, I thought that just about any air cooled engine of a reasonable HP would be suitable, I wouldn't have thought about liquid cooled !

I can see that I've a lot more to learn than I initially thought, so perhaps the long lead in is a good thing - more time to soak up your combined wisdom.


Jon Pert
11-Feb-10, 08:33 PM
Training event thread.


Come along and get the bug.