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12-Feb-10, 12:18 PM
Dear Friends,

Thank you all so much for your messages of condolence.
I doubt you can realise what a comfort it is knowing that so many people care for you and your family.
We have been truly amazed how many of you have been in touch.

Grateful Thanks to you all.

Doreen did die from an Aneurysm which we only knew she had within the last few months.
We had no indication that it was any where near as severe as it turned out to be.

Her funeral, regrettably for us will not be until Tuesday 23rd February at 12.45.
All are invited and we will be meeting up later at The Mill House which is a few miles away.

I f you are thinking of coming I would appreciate you letting me know by e-mail and I will give you directions, etc.
This will also help with preparations.

Paul and I now feel that we are ready to face the world again so please call if you wish.

If not before, we will hopefully meet many of you at the AGM.

Kip, Paul and Family

e-mail: kip3@blueyonder.co.uk (kip3@blueyonder.co.uk)