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15-Feb-10, 10:19 AM
Hello All,

My name is Ken and I am sure you get plenty of first time posts like this. Well I had my first experience of hovercrafts (single seater) and found it really enjoyable and someting I had never considered before.

I am basically looking for some good points of reference on legalities and more so groups of people who may live nearby for me to maybe get intouch with.

I am based in North Yorkshire so feel free to PM if your relatively nearby!

Also I am looking in to building a singleseat hovercraft and luckily for me I have a brother who is an engineer so he will be most valuable. If anyone has to hand any decent sites with plans and pictures or any helpful advice in general feel free to post, it will be well received.

I am not really interested in racing my hovercraft purely for having fun cruising the waters near by (if legal).

Do you veterans have to have an area ok'd before you use it? Can you openly use certain fields?

Thanks muchly


15-Feb-10, 12:03 PM
Welcome Kenny,

You can get plans from Universal Hovercraft, Amphibious Marine (both USA), also ASV Australia (nice craft). In the UK I think K&M have plan sets. You won't get any plans for free as it's not the done thing, especially when you see how reasonable the prices of the plans are.

Good luck

PS Best not using your hovercraft anywhere unless your sure you won't upset anyone which is so easily done nowadays!!!!!


15-Feb-10, 12:47 PM
Hi - Thanks for your post. Yes the plans seem very reasonable although the kits seem expensive but they would do to a newcomer I suppose.

Is it do-able to buy the plans and to build without purchasing a kit i.e Use plans but source compnents of simillar specs?

I would want to do this on the cheap as a project and wouldnt want to spend 5k in one go I'd like to build as I go and to finance it as I go.

Let me know your opinion on this. I have attached a picture of what I used this weekend and if anyone has an idea of what model it is or simillar too and how much roughly it would cost to build would be most helpful!

All the best.

Jon Pert
15-Feb-10, 02:34 PM
Looks like an Eagle from K & M Products to me.


Wouldn't be ideal as a cruising craft as it doesn't have much freeboard.

15-Feb-10, 04:44 PM
You could build a cruising craft on your budget. The expensive bits are usually the engine, props/fans, hull materials etc. You can build and finance as you go, there is always the ever present danger of an unfinished project after the initial enthusiasm wanes though. Read the cruising craft information on this site, try to see some in the flesh. In reality there are limited choices in light hovercraft mainly centred around bag type, lift set up and propulsion method. You will get lots of good advice on here, remember we all have our preferred ideas on the subject so you've got to make your own mind up in the end. I would say for cruising don't build too small and go four stroke. Remember to keep the weight down, it can creep up on you during a build like middle age spread!!!!!


The makes I mentioned do plans that mean you can get your own parts.

Ian Brooks
15-Feb-10, 08:12 PM

It's very feasible to build on a budget. In the end, it will cost 2k - 5k to build a good quality cruiser, depending on the choices you make, how much you are prepared to make and how much you want to buy. My Surveyor cost about 3.5k up to it maiden launch, although I had one engine already. And, as everyone knows, money spent after the first launch is "maintenance" and does not count in the craft cost!!!

For a first time cruiser on a modest budget, my suggestion would be the SevTec Vanguard:


The Vanguard is a well proven design that can take pretty rough (by hovercraft standards) seas and keep you safe, whilst carry passengers in reasonable comfort.

Most people take 12-18 months to build a craft like this. You can most of the parts in the UK, so no need to buy a kit. The build would commence with an order for glass fibre and foam, probably about 600 for the hull parts. This would be the largest single order, except for the engine. From them on, you could buy in parts at whatever rate your budget permits. If you have "contacts" many things can be "obtained" at reasonable cost!

The other big thing will be the engine - at new retail cost, that could be as much as 1000, but given that you have a year to source one, it's likely to cost much less than that as you can watch ebay, etc, and look out for discount suppliers. We do recommend a new engine if you can manage - your life may depend on it! This craft could be built for as little as 2500, or as much as 4000.

We have an active cruising member in Leeds ... where are you?

In answer to the "where" question ... you will soon get bored of fields, but you are close to the sea, so all you need is good training & kit, a hover buddy, and you can get the craft into the environment it was designed for.


19-Feb-10, 08:58 PM
hi kenny welcome to the forum,what part of north yorkshire are you in there are a few of us around the YO30 area pm if you want any more contact info.john