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Ashwin Murali
6-Mar-10, 03:00 AM
Hi all,

I am at an interesting juncture of my project. The progress has been pretty good so far.

Please take a look at this pic:


Is this ok for a bag skirt? Should the holes be provided like in the pic?

Also i'm in a dilemma regarding the skirt material. Which is more preferable - a thick nylon material like the one used for parachutes or tarpaulin material?

Ian Brooks
6-Mar-10, 07:44 PM

If you can PM me an email address that can accept a 10meg attachment, I'll send you some details on how to design a bag skirt that I'm sure will be helpful.

I'm assuming that you are trying to create a low pressure deformable bag skirt which can provide a stabilising moment for the craft, and is resistant to tuck-under. There a couple of issues in the drawings as presented...

1 - the inner radius of the inner section of the bag looks to be the same as the out section - this isn't the case, the inner radius will be larger than the outer radius, and if the system is designed well can be assumed to be straight.

2 - the air feed holes arn't needed. It's more efficient to dump 80-90% of the lift air directly into the cushion, using a splitter plate to divert 10-20% to feed the bags.

If you can receive the file I have here, it will explain more than I can in this short post.

Regarding material, typical 550-600gm/m^2 tarpaulin material is economical and easy to put together - probably the right choice for your project.


Ashwin Murali
7-Mar-10, 02:29 AM
@Ian : Thanks a ton!!
I've messaged you my id.Looking forward to receiving that file.
Thanks again