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14-Mar-10, 05:49 PM

I've only just joined and so sorry to be asking for advice first off !

I am totally new to this sport but I'm looking for a 2 ( ideally 3 man) cruising craft for use on my local estuary and occasional trips out in calm weather to the Sea / local beaches only accessable from the water. I am looking for a pre built craft a couple of years old or new. Budget up to 10k.

From my research the choice seems to be limited to a Flying Fish Marlin or Hovpod ? I'd really appreciate advice on which members think is the best craft along with any suggestions for other craft I should consider ?

Many thanks in advance for any assistance that can be given


Ian Brooks
14-Mar-10, 07:08 PM
Hello and welcome!

The first thing I suggest that you do is look at the Buyers Guide (http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/showthread.php?t=6). This will give lots of advice, and with your budget you should be able to find something worthwhile. However - it may take a little while to find a good craft and I would advise patience!

Once you have digested the Buyers Guide, then the next stop is probably the Liks and Downloads page - its on the home page. From here you can get details of the main manufacturers. With you budget, it is worth calling each one and discussing what is available - they sometimes have late second-user stuff available. In the larger craft, 10k should get you a late second-hand craft in excellent condition, whilst the same budget will buy a smaller craft new. My advise would be to go for a larger craft - the number of seats in a craft is not necessarily the same as the number it can carry in "real" conditions! As an example, my craft is a three seater, but I normally only carry two as that allows for a safety margin for when the conditions turn for the worse.

If you want any more personalised advice, you can PM me with details of where you live, what craft you are thinking or, etc


14-Mar-10, 08:29 PM
hi iain
as a reasonable newbie myself i have to say the members of hcgb are a very very helpful and friendly bunch and made me feel very welcome even though i could have put the work they had been doing on the weston super mare access back by years, ( bought my craft then went straight on the beach there not knowing hovercraft had been banned).
one member especially has helped me on several occasions with info and practical help getting my flying fish upto standard. as for your budget and craft i can only give you info on my hc, i paid 5000 for mine and im over the moon, i just got back from a trip from ladram bay in devon , and my craft performed brilliantly, i did manage to bust three sections of skirt when i hit a rock on the beach but that was my inexperience rather than the craft.

14-Mar-10, 08:34 PM
Thanks for taking the time to respond Ian - have sent you a PM

All the best


14-Mar-10, 08:38 PM
Hi Gary,

Thanks loads for the response. Its nice to know that peple are there to help and I hope I can pay this back in some way in the future.

Did you look at / try any other craft when making your mind up ?

All the best


14-Mar-10, 08:46 PM
to be honest , no, i always fancied a hc and was sitting in bed on a sunday morning watching scrap heap challenge and they had to make a hovercraft, so i typed in hover craft in google and up came flying fish, an email later the owner offered me a ex demo one and without really thinking i said yes, but like i said im over the moon and think for me ive made a good choice.

14-Mar-10, 09:12 PM
Thanks just looked at the pics of your Marlin - awesome looking HC !

Guess I am closer to making my mind up

15-Mar-10, 06:23 AM
Go On Get the FISH, you won't be sorry. !!!

my 2c

15-Mar-10, 08:32 AM
I have a 4 seat bbv 2+2 (4 skinny,2fatties)
i paid less than 4000 but have put many housr in sorting it out,not because it was at fault but because i got it chaep and had enough spare cash to put it to how i wanted it.
i had a marlin before that which i loved and sold to a hcgb member.
if you are near leeds,wyorks you are more than welcome to come and have a look see.
i am building a new single seat osprey from the spare parts that came with the bbv.
you dont have to spend loads on a craft,buy one that works ,you can progress from there,if you want a new one there are a few companies listed visit,price up and take it from there.
good look and happy hovering.

Ross Floyd
15-Mar-10, 01:08 PM
Don't forget to check out BBV - Bill Baker. He makes some lovely craft.

Check the byelaws for the area you want to use as it might be a bit irritating to buy a craft and find you can't launch it!


15-Mar-10, 05:08 PM
There is a member of the club selling his BBV twin engine on ebay. This is the same hull shape as Ross Floyds and would do the job as a first time craft without parting with the full 10k. Well worth a look as i,ve been out will the owner Rob Cooper in some very poor weather and the craft handled the chop very well. If you do purchase a craft in the near future the club run a training weekend in April which you would be more than welcome. This weekend would give you a hugh amount of information and experience.Good luck and welcome.

Jon Pert
16-Mar-10, 06:11 AM
As mentioned above look at BBV and also K & M Products do a very nice cruising craft called the Mirage GP that would be in your budget.

16-Mar-10, 08:13 AM
Thanks everyone for taking the ime to give this advice - its has really helped and avoided me making a rush mistake. Once i made my final decision and purchased a craft I hope to be able to say "Hi" at one of your meetings

All the best